Ukraine Girl – Asya

HI! Guys, I am a Ukraine Girl that looking for love and a Boyfriend. So, I am a Ukraine Girl that live in Kyiv in a small apartment.

But my family still live in the Boyarka in a small house. I am a nurse and I love to care and help people so is why I study to be a nurse.

So, I am thinking I like to find an American Boyfriend or an Australian man. I been daydreaming for some time to live in a country with sun and good weather.

Also, I dream about a life that is a change from just work work and works to have someone to hug and give my love to.

To bee that supports a man need to make him feel like a man. I think maybe I I’m a little old fashioned like my mom.

I like to work but on the same time, I want to be like a real wife. I love to make people happy and I love a home party with family and friend.

So, what I looking for is true love and a man that is into the old fashioned style of life as me. But still can give me small freedom and let me work a bit.

So, I also hope that you are fun and like to be happy and think positively. I love to be happy and have fun and all problem is just a problem that you can fix.

So, Do you want me to be your Ukraine Girlfriend? Send me a mail and tell me a bit of your self. I will wait for your message. Hug Asya

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