Sexy Selfie Russian Girl Online

HI! I am Nikita A Sexy Selfie Russian Girl Online that looking for an American Boyfriend. So, I hope that you love my Selfie and my Sexy Body.

It is my first time on a dating site but I been talking on to a guy on Facebook. So, My friends are talking about a guy’s dreams online.

Nude Girls and Boobs I think Guy’s says and the meeting in the future. My friend says American Guys says boobs when she talks to her online.

I don’t know what to do? But let’s try with this photo and the rest you can dream about ha ha ha. Wet dreams about your Russian Girlfriend.

So, what I like to do? I love big dogs and I have a Caucasian Shepherd Dog and my dog name is Dima. He is 3 years old and I love him.

I still live home in my family home on the farm. But I have a Job laboratory technician in a hospital here in Russia is in a small hospital but I love my job.

So, I have just been working here for a year. But I also, want to try to find love and a future with a man that wants to have family and a good life.

So, that is my life a farm Girl with the old tradition and I not into the party life. Yes, it can be fun to go out sometime with friends.

But I will never go out alone I don’t like drunk guys and bad guys that think a girl must go to bed with them just because she is alone.

So, do you want a Russian Girlfriend that loves dogs and long walks. I love romantic things like movies and candles and yes Russians people love Vodka and I do that too. Hug Nikita


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