Russian Girls – Zia

Russian Girl Zia (Small)
HI! I am a Russian Single Girl that live in Moscow is my first time i try internet dating. I hope it can open a door to a new world and a man that I never can find in Moscow.

I looking for an American man or German man I talk German and English so it easier if you want me to move to your country. I am a kind and simple and down to earth Girl.

I have money and is why I never care about big money. I don’t mix money and love is just a big problem so don’t worry about that part if I love you I love you for you.

I looking for a man that is about 40 years old with a good heart and that like me. I like running a company as I do in Moscow.

Is what I am good on I hope you can be my rook and help me maybe you are like me and you have your company. I hope you and I can talk about the future and love. Hug Zia

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