Russian Girls – Yana

Yana a Russian Girl (Small)
Hi! I am a Single Russian Girl that is looking for my future Boyfriend and the big love of my life. I hope it can be someone on this dating site I try other but no luck.

I am Yana I Single Russian Girl I love romantic stuff like flower, Cinema and all that. I live in a big city in Russia but my family come from a small Russian village.

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We live on Cows and pigs is hard life but I miss it. My new life in the city is just about speed, internet and work and I miss the family and I miss love.

So I was thinking if I find a good husband I can be happy I can make you happy to. I want to have my own family and I want children in the future when the time is right. I hope you love my profile is so hard to wright something good that you may be like. Hug Yana

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