Russian Girls – Tatiana

HI! I am Tatiana a Single Russian Girl and i looking for you. I am a happy 25 year old Russian Girl I live in a l apartment in the Moscow with my friends.

We were looking around on internet and joke and talk and we find this dating site and we look on the other Girls and my friend say I wonder what will happen if a Girl meets a man for the first.

What will happen First kiss, First time? That night I cannot sleep a dream about love and now my friend is with a friend and I am in front of my computer to write a story about me and my life.

I hope I am all that a man is looking for I am fun, happy and I have a big heart I don’t drink much and I don’t smoke and I hope you don’t smoke too.

I want to meet a man that is good and like romantic night good food and maybe drink some wine and if you love to give a girl flower then I will love you. Hug Tatiana

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