Russian Girls – Siny

Siny a Good Russian Girl (Small) (Small)
HI! I am Siny a Russian Girl I live in Kazan in Russian with My Brothers have a construction company and the big trucks and excavators that my oldest brother works with.

I love to drive the big trucks and soon I will have the driving license to drive the big tucks with the trailers too. I like big cars and trucks and I like to work with my brothers.

I like to show people that I can work as hard as my Brothers and still I can be that sexy hot Russian Girl that can go out and make the guys crazy in love.

I like my life but I want to find some good man that I can have a family with is way I put my story in

I am a member of Russian cupid as many Russian Girls are. But I think and hope this is the right way for us to meet. So I hope you send me a mail and a photo so we can start to talk on my skype. Big Hug Siny

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