Russian Girls – Nika

Nika a Russian Girl in Moscow
HI! My name is Nika and i am a Russian Girl living in Moscow. I work in the subway system. I love Moscow subway it’s an amazing place to be.

Is not like any subway you ever see if you come to Russia and Moscow you most see over Great Subway. Have a look in Google and you will see all the great art and all the rest.

I find Single Girls Cupid a time ago and I first thinking it’s not for me but sometimes I see a tourist and I thinking he looks nice and I thinking on Single Girls Cupid and thinking he may be like to be with me?

What will happen if someone wants to be a part of my life? I have some friends that meet some man on the internet one have a good life and one meet a bad man that only believe Russian Girls looking for money and that didn’t end well.

So I am afraid that I find a bad man that think I am a bad Russian Girl. I am a Good Russian Girl I work hard and I don’t need money. I need love and I love to have a family in the future with a good man.

I talk to my friends and they say is hard to live with a foreign man in the beginning. You must learn to understand his culture and his lifestyle and all that.

My friend says is hard in the beginning but in the end, it will be good it’s what I hope for. So do you want to meet me a good Russian Girl that look for a long time relationship? Hug Nika

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