Russian Girls – Nadja

Russian Girl Nadja
Hello! My name Nadja and is a 24 year old Russian Girl living in St Petersburg. I work at the train station in St Petersburg. My dad works as a locomotive driver and a young Russian Girl I went with my dad all over Russia In all cases, the parts that the train goes ha ha ha.

I love to travel by train because you get to see so much and I have many fun memories from that time when I went with my dad. I’m a single Russian Girl who likes to travel.

I am looking for someone who wants to share his life with me and who wants to share their experiences with me. I am looking for a kind and funny guy who is not afraid to talk to people and want to help me get better English.

Besides traveling, I am well like most Russian Girls happy and I like to shop and good Russian food I like to sing karaoke with my Russian sisters.

The only thing I miss in my life for it to be happy is to see you. That’s at least what I hope. That’s why I’m writing this on I hope that I’m the Russian Girl that you are looking for. I hope that you write to me soon. You’re Nadja

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