Russian Girls – Mika

Mika a Russian Girl
Hello! My name is Mika and is a happy 20 year old Russian Girl Single Girl who has just been on a super fun wedding. It was wonderful and I have promised myself that 2013 is the year of my life as a Russian Single Girl runs out.

It does not mean that I’m getting married but I will do everything I can to find a man who in the future want to marry me.

I am a positive Russian Girl who is always happy and likes all kinds of challenges, that’s why I am writing this on I live in Saint Peters burg with my Russian family and my brothers.

My Dad has a small taxi company with ten taxi cars. Mom has one of those little cafes. Mom loves her cafe because then she comes out and gets talked to their customers and hear all the gossip ha ha ha.

I studied Economics and helping dad and mom with the books and all the paper that he did not have time and that way I get shopping money and I can travel a bit.

I also help my father’s friends when I can and last week I bought a new computer and I got a new internet into the office.

So now I will not have any prying eyes that want to see what I do on the internet cafe. I hope that I will receive emails from you as sitting and reading this story. Hug Mika

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