Russian Girls – Luka

Russian Girl - Luka (Small)
HI! I am Luka a 25 years Old Russian Girl i was online and i just surf around for fun when i find Single Girls

I am a Russian Girl that have a travel agency so I travel a lot to Asia and on later time to Africa. I love to travel is my life style I don’t want to live a slow life.

So I looking for a husband that have the speed and that want to travel with me all the time and take care of my costumers need if you speak some Russia is good but English is all you need to make me love you.

I hope you are a good guy and love to meet new people and can help me in my life. I am a Russian Girl that love culture and I love music and I Play the piano.

I play a lot of classic music I start to play as a Russian Girl if you want to know my mom have a dream that I will be a star but i love my life.

I hope you will be a part of my life so send me a photo and tell me about your life and we see if you will be my Husband.Hug Luka

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