Russian Girls – Lena

Lena a Russian Girl
Hi! I am Lena a 27 year old Russian Girl that come from Perm but lives in Moscow for the moment I work with a show and tell people about different companies’ products at trade shows and in various stores and shopping centers,

depending on what we have for products at the moment. I travel much and I see most of Russia and I some other countries too. But is too much traveling for me and I want to change my privet life.

I want to find love and a kind and loving man that can keep me safe. I love sport and I love to play badminton and is why I love Moscow I have a place to play 10 min away from my apartment.

I love flowers and am why my apartment is full of orchids they are so nice and easy to keep. I hope I can find a man that is fun and like to smile and love Russia.

I hope we can start to talk and let it grow to a good relationship of love soi can stop to be a Single Russian Girl. Hug Lena

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