Russian Girls – Lada

HI! I am Lada a Russian girl that is 21 years old. I’m working on making jewelry in gold and silver. My dream is to work with gold and diamonds I need to study more and go to school some more.

But now I just add stones in my jewelry work I do. I am a happy hard working girl but I am a Single Russian Girl that looking for a good man to marry with.

I hope you love my body and my smile I think it look good it wants the guys to say if I go out and take a drink with my friends. But I, not the party girl that I maybe look like.

I am the girl that spend my time at home with friends and a glass of wine and some good friends. I love art and I read a lot about Art and jewelry on the internet.

My work in my life its make my life bright and I wake up happy every day. But the dark moments in my life is that I am Single, and I want to wake up with my husband every day.

I don’t want a man that only want my body. I want a man to talk too. I want a man that sees me for me, not my boob’s and body. So are you that man ? lets us that? Hug Lada

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