Russian Girls – Helga

Helga a Russian Girl living in Moscow
Hello! My name is Helga and is a 26 year old Russian Girl living in Moscow. I’m working on a new computer company here in Moscow. I am a Russian Computer programmer and for now I sit and do a lot of mobile apps.

It’s really fun and then sees when my Russian friends come to me and say look what I find a great app. Well, it’s really good for it is I who have done it. I enjoy working with new apps.

It’s fun to develop my imagination and right now I do a game that should be clear about one month. There will be more jobs with that app that will grow with time.

It will be more tracks and more difficult with time as that game that I love Candy Crush Saga. I love that game and I’m almost on Level 210.

I get mad sometimes at that game, and sometimes I lie awake all night just to get to the next level. I am writing this because I would like to change my life and for that I am single.

I would like to meet a foreign man who wants to meet a kind and cheerful Russian Girl who likes to work with the internet and computers; you might have the same interest?

I want to work with computers in the future and I hope you like it. I want to have children in the future when it feels right, so I hope it is ok with you.

I am looking for someone who is kind and has a heart of gold and you should think about because of I, I do. I have a dream to live in a land that is hot and don’t have snow. Big Hug Helga

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