Russian Girls – Elena

Elina Russian Girl
Hi!I am a shy Russian Girl that lives in Moscow. I live with my family and I work in the family company. I do the booking of meeting of over clients for over staff.

I do some sell trips to around Russia is a way I can see more of Russia. Like nature, I enjoy traveling and plan new trips to new destinations around Russia.

I like to daydream to travel far away like Europe or America. I love to cook Russian Food and having a good time with my Russian Friends. I dream to have someone to hold hands and walk together and talk.

I dream to have someone to hug on the nights when we sit and look at the stars together. I am a Russian Girl that is convinced that true love exists.

I am a sincere Russian Girl I that hope I can meet a man that is like me and not like Russian Lady’s that play Games. I am a Russian Girl that not likes the nightlife, bars and the Disco.

I don’t like strong drinks and beers I think I can have so much fun without all that not included. I start to look for someone to marry someone who can accept me as true. A hug from your Elena

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