Russian Girls – Anya And Siny

2 Russian Girls
Hi! We are 2 Russian Girls that live in Moscow in Russia. We find this web site a night and we was thinking if we can find a good man to marry, maybe from Scandinavia, England or ?

I am Siny and my friend behind me is Anya. We work in a shop that sells souvenirs to tourists in Moscow. We are to city Girls and over parents work in Hospitals and in the government.

We are like sisters and we do all that we can together. So we was hoping to find two friends that needs girlfriends or two people that live closes together so we still can keep in contact and meet from time to time.

But the most important is that you are a good man that has a big heart. We hope you like to travel and when the time is right maybe you want to come to Moscow?

So we can show you this great city that we live in. But Anya and I hope that we can start talking on internet and later we can plan the trip to Moscow so you can meet me or my friend. So now you have two single Russian Girls waiting for your mail. Big Hug Anya and Siny

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