Russian Girls – Anne

Russian Girl Anne in Thailand and Pattaya
HI! My name is Anne I am a Russian Girl that live in Pattaya. I have a contract on a Guest House in Pattaya for 5 + 10 years and is my new life in Thailand I left my home to make money and a new life.

I love Thailand and Thai People. But is lonely and I hope I can meet a man that maybe been in Thailand and you may be like to live in Thailand and Pattaya.

But I hope you can be a good man and not boom boom around that most man do in Pattaya. I am a good Russian Girl that just want to live in Thailand.

I love the sun and the nightlife so I know all about the bars go’s and so on and I have no problem if you go and look for time to time is Pattaya I know that.

But no Butterfly man Thanks I don’t want to have problems just because you are horny on some Thai Girl. So if you are a good man and have dreams about Thailand send me a mail and your photo and we see what happens. Hug Anne

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