Russian Girls – Alena

Hello! I am a happy Russian Girl named Alena. I live in the city of Moscow, where I work at a Russian family’s restaurant and Nightclub. I am a Russian bartender and stand all night, mixing drinks but most we drink Vodka. We have over 100 varieties of vodka from the whole world and we are constantly looking for new varieties and flavors.

I hear about this page from a Russian Girl and her boyfriend. She had written a story on this Web site and she had met a Swedish guy and she wanted to show him the Russian nightlife and our Nightclub we had a wonderful night together as close we had shared 3 bottles of Russian Vodka of a finer kind.

I ask how it came about that he came to Moscow and he said love and laugh. Well, I answer this kind of dating site that was new, named and so to my surprise, I get answers and so I figured it’s probably a scam. But no it was not! And after a few months with Skype and much planning, I go to Russia.

I have a month’s vacation here in Moscow and we are going to travel around and meet her family in other parts of Russia there’s so much that is fun to see and your nature is wonderful.

We had a couple of fun nights until it was time for him and his Russian Girlfriend to travel to a Russian cousin. I miss them still and I hope I can have the same luck as the other Russian Girl that wrote this before. Hug Alena Moscow

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