Russian Girl – Zia

HI! I am a Russian Girl that looking for an English or an American Boyfriend. I am a Russian Girl that believe in Marriage and if you marry you do it wholeheartedly.

Is not always fun as mom says but if you love someone you make it work. So, I am a Russian Girl that lives in Stant Petersburg.

But I come from a small Russian village. My dad is a hunter and is his life. The forest and living on Russian nature.

Sometimes I miss that life but after school, I stay in Sant Peterburg I start to work in a Russian Bank but I like to change that.

I wish to get married and start to build a future with someone good man. A man that is fun and open. A man with that smile that can make me happy.

So, I am open and a happy Russian Girl that can be hard if I must. I love the forest and nature so if you are a nature guy and love fishing is just a plus for me.

I love to go and fishing you maybe not think a Russian Girl like me can be a nature Girl? but that’s is me. I love it so much.

I here on a Youtube that some American Guy that Russian Girls are just about money and gold. Is so wrong I think and you can find that cand of Girls in every country.

But I, not that Russian Girl I looking for love and I wish to find a man to love for many many years. I wish to be happy. Send me a mail. Hug Zia

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