Russian Girl – Yana

Hi! I am a Single Russian Girl that is on the look for a Husband. So, I am a Russian Girl that lives in Prem in a small village not far away from Prem.

So, I am a Nature Girl I love hunting and I love to spend my time outside. You maybe think I am that city Girl that is a loving party and stuff like that.

But I love Beer and Vodka as all Russians do. So, I looking for a man that is like me. I hope you Love all that is outdoors.

Romantic stuff like Hunting, Fishing, Look for mushrooms and all that you can do in a forest. Maybe something more than I forget ha ha ha.

So, I don’t know where you live but maybe an American man, Canadian Man or A Swedish man. Also, I love to cook food and I hope I can make my future Boyfriend happy.

I hope I can find a man that is open to know more about Russia. Not only see it like a place that his Girlfriend come from.

I hope you love to spend some holidays and travel in Russia. Maybe you like to see Russia with me and see that Russia have good sides too.

I hope you want to see my family and get to know them. So, do you want to try to talk on skype? send me a message. Hug Yana

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