Russian Girl – Tatiana

HI! I am a Single Russian Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend. My name is Tatiana and I am a hard working Russian Girl.

I hope I can find a man that for the first can see me and my company. I like to bring the best of thinks from Russia to my new contry.

Also, I like to see if I can do some thing good for my boyfriends new contry. I allways love to work but I hope that I can find some one that is like me.

That can do 2 thinks at the same time. A man that love to do thinks travel and most of all make money.
I don’t want to live on my husbands money.

I want to be a strong girl. But Don’t worry I still love to take care of you. Not like that crazy westen Girls that i see on my trips.

I was in a America that was crazy. The American Girls I don’t know what to say. A crazy trip but all the rest i love.

The American Guys i meet was good to me. So, if you are an American man ? I hope you try to contact me. So now you now some thing about me.

Send me a message so we can talk and see if we can build a relationship. Don’t worry about Air tickets I travel alot. Hug Tatiana

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