Russian Girl – Svetlana

HI! I am Svetlana a Single Russian Girl and I looking for an American Boyfriend. So, I am a Russian girl that lives in a smaller town close to Sankt Petersburg.

I was looking for a new dating site when I find Single Girls Cupid. I love it and I hope It will give me a bigger chance to find love.

So, I am a Russian Girl that loves nature. I love to walk in the forest and pick mushrooms and Blueberries and all other things you can find in the forests.

I love to cook blueberry jam and if I am lucky I can get som cloudberry that I cook to Jam. Also, I love long walks and be with my friends.

I love animals and I hope I can find a boyfriend that loves real dogs. So, I grow up with a Caucasian Shepherd that I love.

We were always walking in the forest. He was keeping me safe ha ha ha bad boys and the wolf walk long ways around that dog.

So, I dream about a life with more nature or a farmer. I don’t look for cars goldand big money. I am in this for love maybe a family life.

So, are you looking for a Russian Girlfriend? A big dog and mush of love. So, send me a message and a photo and I hope to talk to you soon. Hug Svetlana

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