Russian Girl – Natasha

HI! I am Natasha a young Russian beauty that is looking for a husband. I am a Russian Girl that live in Moscow my friends call me Nat and are short for Natasha.

I am a young Russian Girl that been working as a model for an agency. But my real life is music and classical music that I love.

So, I play the violin and sometimes I play the piano I not good I just play for 3 -4 years so I can play but not as a professional.

So, I love classical music but I also into the new way to play the music you see it on Youtube. Sexy young Girls play music.

I love to do that and I have one Youtube clip of my self. Sexy and hot playing my music. So, I hope this is okay with you.

I think I looking for an older man that is into music and I can talk to. I, not that stupid girl with no brain I am a Girl that thinks and read books.

I love to play Chess so I hope you love it too. I think it’s fun and a great way to spend with a friend. It’s was my grandfather that teach me.

So, I am looking for a man that not only think about love. A man that wants more a family and a partner that they can talk too.

So, if you want to talk to me. Come and send me a message or come to one of the Russian dating sites they have here. Hug Nat

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