Russian Girl – Elena

Hi! I am Elena a Russian Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am a Russian Girl from Krasnoyarsk and I come from a small town a bit from Krasnoyarsk.

My name I get from my grandmom Elena and I love my name. So, I have been looking for dating sites for Russian Girls and I find Single Girls Cupid and Banner and dating sites.

So, after I signed up on the free Russian Dating Sites I was thinking why not I will try Single Girls Cupid is will give me more space and chance to find my husband.

It’s Not Easy to find a man to date if you don’t want to have a man that drink vodka all the time. So, is internet dating and I hope I can find a Swedish man or maybe an American man.

I have friends that are living in Sweden and in America and they are happy. So, I hope I can find the same love for me.

I have seen the Swedish man one time for there a wedding in Krasnoyarsk. Also, I get a chance to talk to him and I hope I can find a nice man like him.

Many guys just look at my big Boobs and I hope you to will do that but in time it will change and you see my big heart and my Soul.

I am a Russian girl that has a job in a hospital and I am a nurse. I love to help people and I can do that in my job as a nurse.

But in my free time, I like to take my old car and drive to my family home about 300 km from Krasnoyarsk along the big river.

My family has a farm and some cows and chickens I love that easy life. People only care about money and that car I want more I want life and true love. Hug Elena

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