Russian Girl – Anastasia

Hi! I am Anastasia a Russian Girl looking for an American Boyfriend. So, I am a Russian Girl in Moscow but I grow up in a small town in Russia.

So, I teach Mathematics and sometimes Chemistry that I love it and it’s fun. Also, I love classic music and I play the Violin is was my grandmom that start to teach me.

So, I am a Russian Girl that do many thinks but Love is something I want to start looking for. I love to meet a good man that is fun and open to a new culture and life.

So, I hope that one of you guys are open to come to Moscow and meet me one day soon. I don’t know if you are American.

But I know that many Guys are Americans that are looking for love and a Russian Girlfriend. I think and hope you are a bit older.

But you must love traveling and love fishing and nature you know I am a Russian countryside Girl. I also love to hunt Moose and Cook the meat.

Ha ha ha that is a secret, Don’t tell anyone!!! I try to play that good girl that do good things. Not running around in the forest.

But that is my secret so don’t be scared I will be that princess that you can love. So, do you want to meet me? can I be that Russian Girlfriend you dream about? Hug Anastasia

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