Polish Girls – Anna

HI! I am a single Polish Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. I can talk English, German and a bit France is the new languish I try to learn.

I love to learn Language and Travel. So, I love YouTube where I can learn some and some other websites.

I still study a bit I hope I can work with finance in the future I love money and make it grow. I will not die poor and I hate to spend money on shopping as many Girls do.

Yes, I love a nice dress and nice shoes and I believe in quality. A Girl need to look good right guys? Ha Ha Ha.

I am looking for a man that maybe work in a bank or have a company and love money and hard work as I do. I am looking for a man that is romantic and is a gentleman.

He must know who to be nice to a good Polish Girl. I hope you that see me online is the man that I will marry soon. So, let us start with your mail and a photo and tell me about your life. Hug Anna

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