Polish Girls – Ania

Hello! My name is Ania and is a 26-year-old Single Polish Girl living in Gdansk. I work at a small Polish company in a call center. I am calling around to Various Polish companies in Poland and sells insurance for business owners and Their Employees. It’s a good job, but perhaps not the best you can find.

I and my friend sitting next to me to find Singlegirlscupid.com one day and we’ve been thinking about Which of us two Single Polish Girls should write first. We are from Poznan elsewhere our families live. I am looking for a kind and funny man who Can Be my security in life.

I can imagine living abroad but I would like you to come to Poland to meet with me and later before I follow you home to your country, you must meet my family in Poznan. I would love to meet a foreign man who is older than me. I hope you are nice because I am a good, happy and loyal Polish Girl but Also a bit shy.

I have never dared to write on one of these dating sites before but I hope you like to write to me and I hope we get a chance for a good life together in the Future. I hope you write to me. I’m waiting anyway and hope that what my heart says is right and That You is my future boyfriend and we are here.

The cards that the fortune teller read, say you Would Have blue or green, kind eyes, a bit overweight, 180 cm long and you do not think anyone wants to live with you. But you are so wrong; I’ll wait here for you. Hugs and Kisses from your Ania Poland

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