Estonian Girls – Hele

Hele a Estonian Girl
Hi! I am an Estonian Girl that live in Tallinn my name is Hele and I am an Estonian Girl that loves cars and motorbikes. I have a 2011 Yamaha R6 that I love.

Ha ha ha you do not believe that I drive a big motorbike like this when you see my photo. I have a motorbike shop and I love to talk about motorbikes and about cars.

I just take out my motorbike from the garage is so fun I love the Sun and summer time. We are a 10 friend that like to go on day trips with over motorbikes and we go all over Estonia.

And sometimes we stay in some small hotels too. I am a happy Estonian Girl that loves to laugh and in the summertime, I like to barbecue on the backside of my home.

I like to have my friend’s home I like to drink a beer and sit and talk all night. I hope I can find a man that likes my life and want to live with me.

Estonia is a great country to live in and I hope you want to come to me and see Estonia so you can see what Estonia can give you.

I like to do the same and we can talk about where is the best place to live in. I hope you want to contact me so we can start to talk. Big Hug Hele

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