Russian Girls – Anechka

Hello! My name Anechka I am a Russian Single Girl living in Moscow. I have my own company who guides tourists around the Moscow I have three employees who work for me.

So things are going well for us we have many tourists who book us for circular walks around in Moscow and in our really nice subway ban. I sat and surf around and I find this site and thought why not try and see if there is someone who is as lonely as me. Yes, I have my family and friends but yes you know that other stuff like having a boyfriend to hug,

go to the cinema, Sunday promenade and all the rest. Yes, Sunday promenade will probably be the first to the church. I am a member of a Pentecostal church in Moscow as I usually go to on Sundays.

I like to walk around in Moscow and look at all the stores that are available and remember all the old houses in all history. My dad is a major in the army and my mother works as a doctor at a hospital in Moscow. My sister is being trained in corporate finance and how to run a business.

We live in a big house outside Moscow, the whole family. There is so much more I can write. But write to me and I’ll open the door to my heart so you’ll know everything you need to know about me. Please do not play with me. Hug Anechka

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