Mexican Girls – Anna and Abby

Hello! My name is Anna, I am a Mexican Single Girl and my Mexican friend is Abby, it was she who fined and wanted us to do a story about us.

We would like to try to find a boyfriend her on this blog. We’re working on a mobile phone shop in Veracruz. We have a lot of tourists who come and shop in over Mobile phone shop. Both I and Abby is Mexican Single Girls members of but we want to try this too.

We are best friends from the days when we were in school. Our Mexican families live in Oaxaca, I and Abby rent a small apartment here in Veracruz. We would like to meet 2 single guys who have a good heart and wants to have a Mexican Girlfriend to live with and maybe get married and start a family.

We both are Christians and want to get married and we hope you share our values because it is important to us. Big Hugs from Anna and Abby Mexico

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