Estonien Girls – Maarja

Hello! My name Maarja and is a cheerful and kind Estonian Girl who is a trained chef. My Estonian Family has an own restaurant and we also have 10 rooms that we rent out to guests who are looking for cheap accommodation in Tallinn. We have our restaurant a few miles off the Tallinn.

I am a trained chef and has worked for a few years now. I love working in the kitchen and it is fun to work with quality products and we always act with local meats and locally grown vegetables as long as we can. This does that we have many who come to our little Estonian restaurant to eat good Estonian food.

I dream to travel abroad and meet a good man who is Single and looking for an Estonian Girl and an Estonian Girlfriend. I enjoy reading and learning a new language and speaks besides English, German, French also Russian for my mother told me even though we have become free from the old Soviet Union so is Russian an important language to be able to talk in the future.

I like animals and nature and I enjoy traveling. I like to attend church and am a member of a Baptist church and help sometimes to sing in our choir. I like to spend time in church and try to be involved and help out in youth activities.

I would love to meet a foreign Single man who is kind and want to meet a good and fun Estonian Girl who does not care about the outside but how you are as a person.

You don’t need a big house a new BMW 745, 10 million in the bank, etc it does not impress me. This kind of people I have met and there is nothing that attracts me, money is not everything in life. Hug Maarja

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