English Girls – Julie

Hello! My name is Julie and a happy 20 year old London Girl. I have just found this dating page and I hope you want to add my picture and my story so maybe I can meet my prince charming.

I would love to meet a good man may be from any other country, and therefore I write here. I have been a member of the InterracialCupid and ChristianCupid that best describes my life as a Christian English Girl,

and one of the values that might surprise me and give me a new life that I had not anticipated. I’m still studying and will become a doctor and would like to work abroad, and maybe you’re in the same situation as me.

I hope you have the same dreams as me and we can do something together studying, travel, work and have fun. When we are older and think it’s time to start a family we can choose any of the places we want to live and where our children will grow up.

Who knows where we’ll live, USA, Australia, Greece, Asia or any place we thought would be possible. I am now leaving the door open for Cupid, The Lord, and love. I hope you write to me Hug from Julie London

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