Colombian Girls – Angie

HI! I am a Colombian Girl that hope to be a good guys Colombian Girlfriend. So, I am a Colombian girl that live in Bogota and my name is Angie and I am 22 years old.

My family lives in Medellín or a bit outside in a small village. They are my big love in my life. They put me in school and push me to be a good Girl that work hard.

They push me to be the best in my class. I am now working in a bank and it’s a good job and I can help my family a bit.

But I want more in my life. I husband that I can love and take care of. I want a daughter and a son that I can love and see grow up.

I want a man that can be the how do you say that? Someone whom they can look up to and follow and that can tell them what is wrong and right.

I hope that you are a believer in God and live I Christian life. You can drink beer and so on. But I like to live with a man that believes in God.

I don’t care so much what Church you go to as long it belive in what the Bibel says. Also, I don’t care so much where you live if it’s in America or Europe or some other place.

I also, hope you are open and fun and love to eat new food and travel. I hope I can take you to my home village and show you how I grow up.

I love to show you all the good that we have in Colombia. I will take care of you and you will see and love Colombia. Hug Angie


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