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Hello, my name is Tram and from Saigon. I am a 22 year old Vietnam girl. I now live myself when my mother left me when I was 10 years old and I live with my grandmother who died is now 6 months ago, she had a heart attack, doctors believe.

I study in Saigon and I start my day already at 4:00 am to go on the bus to the hotel in Saigon to start my morning work at a large Vietnamese hotel. I work in the kitchen and serves on the breakfast buffet to pay part of my studies and my rent in Saigon.

My school makes sure that we can rent computers cheap. I’m almost finished but do not know what to do. I would like to see values may live and work abroad for a few years so I thought I would write a few lines and see if I got no response. I am a Single Vietnamese Girl who is almost finished with my Masters of Computer.

I have been lucky in my life even if it has not been easy. I love working with data and are very good at what I do. I’m the second best in my class and have received many job offers, but I think that working abroad will give me more credit.

I like to meet a kind and good foreign man who wants a long been a relationship with a Vietnamese Girl like me. Hope you write to me at Hug Tram

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