Vietnamese Girls – Mai

Hi! My name is Mai and I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that is looking for a Gentleman that want marry a Vietnamese Girl like me.

Therefore, I hope you read my story and start to dream about love and the future. So, let’s start I am Mai and I live in a small village whit, my family.

I have 3 older brothers and I am the only girl in my family. My brothers work in construction in town. I just finished school and I been back home for the last 6 months.

I been study Web design I think it has a big market for Vietnam, so I been around my Town and start to make money.

It’s great to bring internet and online shop in my town I think it will be a great future. And people have started to call me asking for help and talk about the future.

But I hope I can find a man that is open to move to Vietnam and start a new life here in Vietnam. So what you think?

Do you want to take the big step, or do you want me to move to you for a year to make sure that we have a match? Hug Mai

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