Vietnamese Girl – Uma

HI! I am Uma a Single Vietnamese Girl that hopes to be someone’s Vietnamese Girlfriend. So, I am a fun and open Vietnamese Girl that looking for a boyfriend.

So, I am Uma it’s was my grandmom that give me that name after mom and dad ask her to help them to give me a good name.

I am a Vietnamese girl that loves to go to a cinema or karaoke to sing a song. So, I don’t like too many party people and that lifestyle.

But I love to joke and I love to do things like running and yes I do crazy stuff like bungee jumping. But I think bungee jumping was so scary ha ha ha.

But I have done it anyway and that I am proud of. I don’t know what is the next crazy thing I will do in my life?

I have a dream of parachute jumping. But what are your dreams? Maybe you into diving or kayaking or?

So, I hope you can tell me what you dream of? I already know you dream about a Vietnamese Girlfriend like me.

If not you would not look on my story ha ha ha. So, if you want me as your Vietnamese Girlfriend I hope you send me a message.

Also, I hope you want to give me a big hug. Also, if you are brave maybe I will get a kiss from you sometime in the future. Hug Uma

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