Vietnamese Girl – Binh

HI! I am Binh and I am a single Vietnamese Girl that hope to find a Boyfriend on Single Girls Cupid. So, I am a Vietnamese Girl that love the sea.

Also, I come from the forest in the north part of Vietnam and I grow up in a small village. But I read the tourist and hotel in school.

So, now I live in An Bang Beach and I work in a Hotel. So, I start my early morning with some beach time and swimming a bit.

I love the seafood that we have here in An Bang Beach. I go out one time a week on my free day. I love Crabbs and Prawn too.

It’s a bit expensive for me but I have a friend that gives me a good price. Her family has a restaurant and also, I help sometimes.

I love to work and I like to give my friends a helping hand if I can. The part of the party I don’t like too much but I go out some time with my works friends.

This is my life my dad and mom and my younger sister is still in the village. So, I see some American guys and Australian guys.

Sometimes I dream about love and it’s why I come online like this. I hope I can find love and a boyfriend or a Husband.

So, are you looking for a Vietnamese Girlfriend? Maybe I will be the one or maybe you find love on a dating site like the ones they have here. Hug Binh

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