Vietnam Girls – Yuki

Hello! My name is Yuki; I am a happy and good Vietnam Girl from Saigon in Vietnam who is looking for a nice foreign man. I love military man, I love a man in uniform, there is nothing that is as sexy as a man in uniform.

I want to meet an American man since I have a Vietnam sister in the U.S. but it is not so important. The most important thing for me is that you are an officer and a gentleman and that you have a good heart and wants to eventually marry and start a family with me.

I have just found and thought I would try writing a few lines about me and see if I could get no answer. I am a Vietnam Girl who loves to cook and I like to keep on with the flowers.

I would like to open a flower shop in the future, but it will have to wait a bit until I meet a man to share my life with. But perhaps my dream becomes a pain in the future.

Please write to me to receive soon an email to my Hotmail so we can start talking a little big hug Yuki Vietnam

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