Veitnam Girls – Hoa

Hoa a Veitnam Girl in Bangkok
HI! I am a single Vietnam Girl that live in Bangkok just now I am in a small Vietnam Village close to the border to Thailand.

Its time for the main session and it start to get the rain and the wind and the tourist start to go home to Europe and America and all the other countries they come from.

I sit in my home online and looking at Single Girls Cupid and daydream about love and what can happen. I know is not the easy life people think it is to move to Europe and live with a western BF.

You must learn to talk about a new languish and a new way to live in that country. Move to a new place no Vietnam Food if you have bad luck and no TV and no Friends and my family is back home.

Is what my friend says but it can be a good life too and life can change and you can find good people and a new life.

It’s what I want to do I want to see what can happen if you try the luck and is the way I send this story to you. So do you want to meet me?

Do you want to have a Vietnam Girlfriend living with you? If it’s your dream to have a Vietnam Girl living with you I can be the one.

I hope you will come and meet me in Vietnam or Bangkok before I come to you. So send a Photo and your mail so I can contact you. Hug Hoa

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