Thai Girls – Wipa

Hello! My name Wipa I am a 22 years old Thai Girl and I am a Single Thai Girl living in Pattaya. I work at this restaurant in Pattaya. I come from Satun where my Thai Family and my friends live. In my Thai village, there is not so much to do and there are no jobs. Our Thai family is poor and I decided to go to Pattaya to help mom and dad and my sisters so they do not have to starve and go hungry. Pattaya is the solution to my family’s problems.

I find this restaurant job and have now worked here for 2 years. I dream of finding a good boyfriend who not only dream of having sex with Thai Girls that most guys who come in here at the restaurant.

I know what they think of when I see their eyes wander over my body and my Boobs and sometimes it feels like the undress my Thai Girls body with his eyes. I know he wants to do have crazy good sex.

I got used to it there to here in Pattaya. You are just a Thai Sex Toy for many guys. Yes, I have been fooled into believing that there was love in some guys’ the love game as I call it.

I can tell you about the first man to trick me into have sex with him. He was like the sun, happy, fun, and pleasant and every day he came and ate Thai food and flirted with me and asks me if I wanted to go with him.

I explained that I am not a Thai working Girl. But he said he just wanted to go out to eat. I don’t work tonight so I said yes,

we met at a nice Thai restaurant and we then went to a nice Thai place where they play Thai music and later in the evening I went home to him. I was in love and I ended up in his bed and he undresses me and he has sex with me.

It was wonderful and I was his Thai Girlfriend after one week he gave me 12 000 Bath and said here is your money and then send me home. I cried and was sad for a week. I was completely fooled by this man.

The money I send home to mom and dad so they could pay off some debt and buy food and clothes for the family. I never tell my mother what had happened. I am writing this to show what kind of man I do not want to meet. I am a Thai Girl with a big heart and not a Thai Sex Toy. Hug Wipa

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