Thai Girls – Warin

Warin a Thai Girl in Phuket
Hello! My name Warin and is a happy Thai Girl living in Phuket. I am a 25-year-old Thai Girl and I live here with my family and I have a small clothing shop where I sell clothes to tourists. Phuket is a paradise but I’d like to meet someone to share this paradise with.

I am an ordinary Thai Girl who likes to read books and I like to watch the Discovery Channel and I like to learn languages. I enjoy working in my Thai shop and I like to do business.

I like to travel and I have traveled extensively in Thailand but also in Malaysia and Singapore where I have many friends. I hope you like to travel to Asia and meet new people, I do.

I like to choose a destination and then book me a hotel on one of the big booking web site on the internet. Then it’s off on a new adventure to any beach or to a city I had never seen.

I am looking for someone who is happy and has a positive outlook on life. You should be open to try new things and enjoy the simple life.

But occasionally might do something luxurious or do something extra romantic. I like people who do not brag about their money because I have friends who have money and who have less money for my part.

I am quite happy with what I have from my store. I’m doing well, but like all people buy a Lotto ticket and then and when I dream of becoming a Thai lotto millionaire. Right now, I dream only of one thing love and someone who gives me a hug when I feel lonely. Hug Warin

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