Thai Girls – Waan

Hi!! My name is Waan and is a 21-year-old Thai Girl living outside a small town called Prasat. My family grows rice, and it is almost our only source of income except for some chickens and the duck’s and their eggs that we sell on the market in the Thai village.

I and my Thai friend Nook usually sit at her home with and look at different Web sites, Youtube and that’s how we find I always dream to have a foreign boyfriend, especially after Nook’s mother moves to the village with her foreign husband.

He is always nice to us Thai Girls who come to see Nook and we are able to practice English as well as he can be just a little Thai. I’d like to meet a nice man maybe around 40 years old. I am a happy Thai Girl who has not traveled so much and I have just finished school and am thinking about what to do in the future.

Maybe love can show the way to a new future and what to do. I enjoy helping mom at home with everything and I and my Thai sisters love to sit and watch Thai series as shown on Thai TV.

I enjoy traveling and I have been lucky in Nook’s friend to go with Nook’s family some of their trips to Chiang Rai and Koh Samui which is a wonderful little island, I swam with my friend in the ocean for the first time in my life that was wonderful. Maybe we can go there if you want to see me in Thailand? Hug Waan

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