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Hello! My name Waan and is a 26-year-old Thai Girl living in Nong Khai in Thailand. I work at a large home improvement stores, GLOBAL HOUSE. I work in different departments but mostly I work on the Garden department and helps people to find the right plant and to give advice.

I often go to different departments and help Farang. I am one of the staff who works here that is best in English and we have many foreign people who have moved here with his Thai Wife or Thai Girlfriend or build their Thai houses for himself and his Thai Wife or Thai Girlfriend. Yes, you may wonder why I speak English.

My mother is married to a foreigner and it now lives in Nong Khai in a Thai house he has designed and built. We have a big pond with many large Thai Koi carps, which I love to feed and look on. He is not my real dad but I love him and he’s my dad. It was one of dad’s friends that show me Singlegirlscupid.

I do not know how he found this Dating page but I thought I would write and see if there is anyone who wants to come and meet me. I’d like to meet a man who is kind and wants to live with a Thai Girl. I am a happy Thai Girl who likes to be in our garden and I love to get involved with my Thai orchids and I buy new all the time when I find a new color.

I like to cook Thai Food and I usually help mum to do evening food for us. I have my own part of the house where I live. It was Dad’s place where he went when he is angry or wanted to be alone without all the Thai Girls that come to us, to talk to my mother and me.

He built a new house two years ago. Where my father go when he gets crazy on us Thai Girl. We let him be at peace there, and Dad’s friends go to this place to drink beer and watch sports and talk about their problems. I think it’s sitting there talking about the young sexy Thai Girls that live in the village. Dads friends love young Thai Girls Ha Ha Ha. hope you not think I am too old for you :-). Hug Waan

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