Thai Girls – Sarai

Hello! My name is Sarai and is a 19-year-old single Thai Girl living in Pattaya but my family lives in Korat. I have a small grill on the street in Pattaya that I open every night so when people who are hungry and want a hamburger on his way home to his hotel with his new found love among the Thai Girls who work here in Pattaya.

Here you can find love, and sometimes it works great if the Thai Girl likes the man she finds. But it can go really bad about the Thai Girl has other plans for the man who dreams of love.

I met many guys who live happy with these Thai Girls and a man I know he says that there are gold diggers all over the world that do not care about other people’s money and feelings of others all that.

I see the nightlife every night but I believe that about 70% will be happy if they find love. But try to learn about culture, family, money, etc.

This is all such things to keep in mind that my friend always says so you don’t have a problem with your Thai Girlfriend.

My sister soon finishes at school and she will come and help me with the grill. I want to try love on the internet and I have heard about

So I write this I am looking for a man who has been to Thailand and met with Thai Girls before I do not like fights and I know everything about how life is in Pattaya and I judge no one.

I want an honest relationship, with no lie there and I do not want any future problems. I want to marry and have children and live happily if I can live in Thailand I be a happy Thai Girl. But I have no problem living in another country. I have friends over more of the world. I hope we can start talking on the phone or email and then maybe we can meet. Hug Sarai

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