Thai Girls – Pum

Pum a Thai Girl from Si Sa Ket
Hello! My name is Pum and is a happy Thai Girl from Korat, Thailand. I am working here in Si Sa Ket on a Honda shop. I sell motorcycles both new and used. I live with my Thai family in a small two-story house is a Townhouse my dad is a hairdresser and his salon on the ground floor.

I was sitting one day at the internet cafe with my Thai friends when one of my Thai friends said look what website is this? We start looking at the page and I understood that you could find a boyfriend on this website.

I thought I would write on this website. My Thai friends will be surprised because nobody thinks little I dare to write on such a page.

The most that we know go down to Pattaya for 3-6 months and work in a bar or Go-Go Bar in trying to find a boyfriend.
You do what you must do if you want to meet a foreign boyfriend.

But go all the way night after night with different guys I’d probably have a hard time of it. But one of my friends said that it is easier you think.

She now lives with her boyfriend who she will meet in Pattaya and have children. I am looking for in any case you want to meet an ordinary Thai girl who has not worked in a bar.

I hope someone nice and kind man who wants to see me write a few lines and maybe send a photo. Big Hug Pum

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