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Hello! My name is Naa and is a 25-year-old Thai Girl from Bangkok. I meet a Thai Girl who recommended this Web page and now I finally have the courage to write to you. I’m a Single Thai Girl who has a 7-year-old son who loves Thai boxing or Muay Thai as we say in Thailand.

My sons want to be a great Muay Thai star and compete in Bangkok when he grows up. His dad was pretty good at Muay Thai and I think my son has had his talents from his father.

I lost my husband in an unfortunate accident and he is not live anymore. I have seen on Thai television that there are a lot of foreign or farang guys who train Muay Thai and enjoy the sport.

I would love to meet such a man mainly for my son’s sake but also I love to watch Muay Thai and so I want to meet someone who I can share at least one of my interests. I hope you enjoy children and not see it as an issue for our future relationship.

I can if everything is right in between us leave my son to my Grandparents so I can follow you home to your home country to see how you live and how we work together in the meantime, my son can live with my Grandparents.

I travel a lot in my career as a salesman at a major Thai company in Bangkok so he is used only I can call him and talk a little bit every day he will be fine. If you want to write to me, I will be a very happy Thai Girl. Hug Naa

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