Thai Girls – Phontip

Hi! My name is Phontip and is a 20-year-old Thai Girl who is living in Phuket. I’m working on a big Thai dance show as a dancer. I work 6 days a week as a dancer. There are a lot of tourists who come and watch us Thai Girls dancing. And quite a lot of Thai people who come here to have fun.

I have danced here for 3 years and it’s a good job and sometimes if we’re lucky we get a tip to share from some good tourist with a good heart who has like our dance.

I heard about of a Thai friend who has written here and she thought I would write and see if I got any answers.

One of the other Thai Girls has taken the photo that you see. She thought we’d take a picture so you guys would be a little happier. I hope she’s right and that you like my body 5555,

I do not know what you guys think and if my Thai Body? But I think its ok. I am looking for a man who is 40 – 50 years old who are looking for a Thai Girlfriend. I am honest and hardworking Thai Girl and I have no children.

I am a Single Thai Girl for many years but now I want to change that. I am from Chiang Rai and my Thai family lives there far out in the countryside and has a small orange farm, which now more gives a good harvest.

So mom and dad and my little sister are doing well it is not rich but they do and I will occasionally when electricity is to be paid. And sometimes when a little sister needs money for school and books, I get to help.

So now I have told a little about myself and I hope that you dare to write to me and I hope the picture does not scare you. I might show too much is a little worried about it but the other Thai Girls say it’s ok. Hug Phontip Phuket

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