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Hi! My name is Norm and I am an 18-year-old Thai Girl and I am a happy Thai Girl who is a single Thai Girl. I visit my sister’s husband in their house. He has just bought a big house by the beach with a pool and everything else he wanted.

It met on Thai about 4 years ago and now lives there full time in Thailand. The has a small Guest House and a nice small Thai bar where I and a Thai friend are working. I would love to meet a nice man who is interested to meet a Thai Girl for a steady relationship.

I hope it’s a nice man who is good and has a style and not just trying to use me to get me in bed and then go to the next Thai Girl. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that there are those guys who do that and I do not understand why?

There are full of bar girls in Thailand who like to go with you and do whatever you want. I’m not like that and I would not be able to have Sex for money. I believe in true love and my body is clean and I have never let any man touched it that way.

I am looking for a kind man who has quietly and not just think about Sex and Sex. I like to cook Thai food and I enjoy working on this small Guest House with my Thai sister. Maybe you and I can open a Guest House may be in Phuket or Pattaya or anywhere else that you think a few years when we know we work well as a couple. Hope you write to me Hug Noom Thailand.

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