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Hello! I am a Thai Girl named Noom and lives in Bangkok where I work at a photoshop. I am a 26-year-old single Thai Girl who likes to go out with my Thai friends and I like to dance. I live in a small house we moved here when my father got a job as a Thai policeman.

But we have left our rice fields, and our old house in Korat where we go every month to visit my Thai family and our Thai friends and look after our rice fields, and all else we have here in the countryside. I find a day at work when I was out on the internet and look a bit.

I went to one of the Web pages I usually visit. Once there, find me a Thai love story about a Thai Girl find her boyfriend on so I came here and I find so I save the page and now I have decided to write a story.

I’ve tried a few other Thai dating sites but I think there are too many Thai Girls so it’s hard to be seen as a Thai Girl unless you are very sexy Thai Girl. And after a few weeks so you have come so far back that no man cares to look for one.

I would love to meet a foreign man who wants to have a steady relationship and later married goals. I am a little shy of me in terms of guys so there have never been any relationships but I hope it does do you anything and I hope that you who want to meet me is kind and makes me feel safe. Hope you write soon. Big Hug Noom Bangkok

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