Thai Girls – Nook

Hello! My name is Nook and I work in a Thai shop in Bangkok, I selling tourist souvenirs as Pantings, Games, Ashtray, Thai Elephant and Thai Buddha statues and much more. I work nights in a Thai souvenirs shop in Bangkok.

I have worked here for 3 years and have a good salary but would like to meet a foreign man, but I don’t want to go and work at Soi Nana or some other Place like this. I come from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where my Thai Family still lives, my Thai Family living just outside the Chiang Mai and have a large Thai fish farm that my Dad and my brothers take care of.

We also have some land to grow rice on that we should not have to buy rice on the market. I like to go out with my Thai friends and sing Thai karaoke and occasionally going to a Thai disco and dance a little and drink a Thai beer or Spy depending on how I feel.

Otherwise, I like any Thai Girl any time I like to shop for clothes and go into stores and look around. Who am I looking for a nice and funny man who loves children and wants to see a Thai Girl? I am not looking for a photo mode, l but my mom said to me look for a man with kind eyes and a big heart of love. Hug Nook

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