Thai Girls – Nook

Nook in Pattaya
Hello! My name is Nook and lives in Pattaya. I work as a Thai insurance salesman, I have my areas where I go around and talk about my insurance and then I explain how important it is to have an accident insurance policy or any other of our insurance that we sell.

I like my job because I get to meet all kinds of people. I’ve made new friends that I would never have met if I had not got this job. Now I want to see if I can do something new.

I am writing this because I want to meet my prince the great love and I hope you are here. I am a happy Thai Girl who likes to take my Honda motorcycle and retrieve any of my Thai friends and spend my day at the beach.

I love sitting on the beach under a parasol on the beach. I love to sit there and talk to my Thai friends and eat some fruit. I hope I can meet someone who likes to take it easy and enjoy meeting new people. I Hope you Will Send Me mail. Hug Nook

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